Information Security and Digital Forensics Associate of Technical Arts Degree

Information security (also known as Information Systems Security or INFOSEC) is not confined to computer systems or information in a digital form. Information security applies to all aspects of safeguarding and protecting information or data. It is a common misconception that information security is synonymous with providing technical solutions to security problems, such as installing a firewall or intrusion detection system.

Information security covers not just information, but all infrastructures that facilitate its use - processes, systems, services, technology (including computers), voice and data networks, etc. An information security expert knows that there are many aspects of information security that are just as important, if not more so, than the technical solutions. Policies, procedures, and providing security awareness training are but some of the areas that need to be addressed.

The Information Security Associate of Technical Arts Degree will help you to learn about integrating the most current information security concepts and management of information systems practices in order to truly have a layered approach. In addition to the expertise you will gain concerning the technical aspects of information security, you will learn about defense strategies, legal aspects, risk management, policy development, and how to facilitate the changes and paradigm shifts necessary within your organization to make your information systems secure. The primary areas that will be covered during your education at Edmonds Community College are:

We have also incorporated the National Security Agency's INFOSEC Assessment Methodology into our program, as well as the opportunity for you to obtain multiple industry recognized certifications on the way to obtaining your degree, such as the Security+ and Certified Ethical Hacker. Our program rivals the education you would receive at many four year colleges, with our top performing students having the opportunity to perform actual vulnerability assessment's and penetration tests as well as forensic analysis.

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