"I was looking for a digital forensics program where the instructors are more than just teachers with "book knowledge." Because Steve and Mike are actively engaged in the forensics and security industry, they bring real world knowledge and experience to the table."
Clint Lercher - Information Security Professional - Acxiom
"Truly the best classes I have ever attended. My only regret is that I didn't take the training from them sooner. No fluff, filler, or extraneous material, just hard-hitting nuts and bolts of the profession."
Ryan Emerson - Digital Forensic Examiner
"I attended a well-known class from one of your competitors. I speak for many students when I say that I learned more in the first day of your course than I did in an entire week of the other course."
Allan Womac - Evidence Technician
"A co-worker of mine and student of yours is planning to dedicate his personal time off taking training from you again - this speaks volumes of you and your courses."
Paul Rodvik - H.P. Corporate Backup Services
"It is rare to find an instructor who is both a good teacher and a true expert in his field. Your teaching style has really sparked my interest in network/computing security."
John Bell - The Boeing Company
"I believe I speak for all of your students when I say THANKYOU for all that you do. You show a true dedication to your students and their success - a dedication I have never seen in any other instructor."
Donny Neil - The Boeing Company
"I look forward to taking many more classes from you, as you have proven yourself to be one of the true 'Subject Matter Experts' that the entire IT industry builds their certification criteria on. Thanks."
James Gotner - Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
"After attending the free seminar, I relocated my family from the state of Arkansas to Washington state in order to take classes at EdCC."
Clint Lercher - Information Security Professional - Acxiom
"I wish I would have known about your course sooner. Now after many months of wasted time and money, I'm finally on the right track."
Allan Womac - Evidence Technician
"You are not just being taught the fundamentals but are being instructed on how to approach forensics work like a 20 year veteran would. Invaluable training!"
Frank Dauenhauer -ICT Security Manager -Aurenav
"The thoroughness of instruction along with the insights into working as a digital forensics expert is unequaled. Many thanks to Steve and Mike. Their expertise, professional guidance, and mentoring along the way all add up to a profoundly exceptional experience."
Richard Burch - Network Administrator - SharePoint DataCenter Operations
"The education I am receiving at EdCC is outstanding. I could have attended any college in the state, but I chose EdCC due to the reputation of the information security and digital forensics program. I have not been disappointed, and am looking forward to more classes."
Lee Harrington - Information Security and Digital Forensics Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about our information security and/or digital forensic courses that is not answered here? Send an email to Steve Hailey: shailey @ edcc.edu.

For other questions related to Edmonds Community College or enrolling, please visit this link.

Q: Can I obtain the ATA Degree or Network Security/Digital Forensics certificate completely online?

No. At this time the majority of classes for the degree and certificates are Hybrid - some time spent in class with some of the content online.

Q: What does the program cost?

For a fairly good estimate, first determine the courses you need to take and how many credits will be required. The Program Requirements can be found by visiting the following URL's:

Information Security and Digital Forensics ATA Degree
Cyber Security Certificate
Digital Forensics Certificate

Next, calculate the cost of your credits and other fees by going here.

Q: I do not have a computer or Information Technology background. Can I get enrolled in the information security and/or digital forensics programs?

We would need to make sure that if you lack experience you can gain the required knowledge through education and training. This question is best answered by talking to Mike Andrew or Steve Hailey who is the advisor for the information security and digital forensics programs.

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