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If you’ve ever wondered how deleted data is recovered, how to install a hard drive in your computer, or how hard drives are repaired after a fire or flood, then this event is for you. You’ll learn about many cutting edge technologies and have an opportunity to try them hands-on!

All hands-on activities are appropriate for the computer novice to the information technology professional. You'll not be graded, and there will not be a test after!

This event is simply an opportunity for you to learn about some really cool technologies and get some hands-on experience to boot. Hands-on activities include:

  • Building Web applications
  • Capturing network traffic and extracting data from it
  • Configuring servers and virtual machines
  • Designing a network
  • Hard drive diagnostics and repair
  • Installing hard drives
  • Recovering deleted data using forensic tools
  • Recovering Website passwords
  • Upgrading RAM

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